Eating For Tomorrow – Adult Cookbook
Plant-based cuisine across multi-cultures. Featuring recipes from the world’s major food regions, this 326-page book takes the cook on a culinary journey towards a new understanding of eating.
Eating For Tomorrow – Kid’s Cookbook
We’ve never met a child who doesn’t want to save the world, and this 208-page book of plant-based recipes will help them do just that. These delicious dishes are easy to make, highly nutritious and they’ve been tested with even the fussiest children!
Graphic design, concept and layout: Daniel Clark
Recipes and food styling: Rueben Waller and Peter Payne
Recipe photography: Simon Smith and Ludovic Brockway
Art direction: Mark Galvin and Hannah Harsent
Text editor: Patrick Finnegan and Kian Tavakkoli
Indexing by: TSP Content Solutions
Production: Kian Tavakkoli
Print specification – Hardcover: Wilbalin Buckram (FSC™ certified) 
Text: Inspira White (FSC™ certified) 120gsm smooth uncoated laser guaranteed paper.
Printed and bound in the United Kingdom by Swallowtail Print, Norwich, UK
First published in Great Britain in 2021by EATING FOR TOMORROW Ltd.
ISBN 978 -1-7399282-0-9
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